LoOk aT mE iN thE EYE.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

HUngry 4 ADvEnture..

I'm longing for adventure this day...yet, I don't know what I want to try...well, Iwas just hoping for an idea to strike my brain.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Ranking High, Ranking Low

I always ask...why do they have to burden our backs? We did our best, yet we got somewhat low grades. In fairness my lowest is 86. But my highest is 92. I got it in english. Few days after card distribution, i promise to strive harder. And to my surprise... I really did! I was so happy to pass my journalism exams, now i'm a photojounalist in our school publication!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Go Louisians!

Yes! Finally! I saw my classmates again, our school and teachers here's what happened yesterday:

We were on our way to St. Louis but I and Regine stop for sancks on 7-11, after that we walked towards our
school. Then, when we arrived, we saw our English Teacher (T. Virgie!) and our guidance counselor (T. Stella).
We also saw some old pictures (I do even have one!). Then we go straight to the waiting shed for some kwneto.
Then we finally saw our Grade 6 adviser! Then minutes later, I saw all our classmates! Sharmaine, Regine and me
are finally reunited! We stroll in the school, then we saw Faith, Grace, Aiko, Deluz, Janica and Danique, then Kath
leen Luz, Danica, Kim, Marvin, Mikko, Alison, Mark Asoi, Joseph Ong, Dannisse, Janine, Keena, Kelvin and many mo
re like Amesly... And I even saw a schoolmate from St. Jude, Danriz! How pathetic, she didn't even know me even
we were once friends. I was envious of Danriz 'coz she's so preety and fair.. (but who had the funny attitude
and great smile? Me! (jokes)).

They are like really a great bond, unlike me....huhuhu... :"(... Well whatever no one can still replace my sweet
funny, sociable, witchy, nice and chubby myself. Of course i'm unique, and no one will ever replace my greatest
throne: being the resident witch of St. Louis College Valenzuela. (eherm). No one! Even if I die!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Change, the scariest thing to do?

Okay its preety obvious, Change.

I really do hate it when my laugh blurts out just again.

I want to modulate my voice but still, I CAN'T. I get used to it and I don't find my laugh isulting.

Even a classmate didn't like my "crazy" or "baliw" angle, still, It was already part of my life. I don't want to get in a matter of being serious, but still... I don't and can't change.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Hi...after yesterday, I saw some spruce of hope.... thanks... well, whatever..I'm really happy that I saw 'something' different from the teachers today... well, you know, it's so great to be in this school. I finally realized the beauty... well, so much for that... nothing much today, but's it's super! But there are times i'm alone... guess it's not too late now.

Monday, July 03, 2006

The first person to get intimidated with me

His name starts with letter R. I hate it... I know I have a big laugh. And it's not good to see it with a girl. He was turned-off. And even if, I felt hilarious because someone said I was kinda crazy and needs to be sent to a mental hospital. I think deeper and I got sad. I was helpless. I'm the only girl who it didn't have a conversation. And you know? I felt it's time for a change. I want to change my "intimidating" laugh into nothing... I won't laugh for no reason....and the sad part is? I've knew it trough my friend....

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

First Day Pain

Yup, I've already gone for school, a science school. But my first day in highschool is pretty gloomy. Well, it's weeks ago, but it hurts me, I'm the only one with no uniform, I have no real friend,

And I hang out with my insulting schoolmate.

Today, The Louisian Race in our school beacame fewer. John PAul will transfer to Phil. Science.

Well, talk about pain?!